Wind or Flood Damage? Arguing a Total Loss Left by Hurricane Ian

Wind or Flood Damage? Arguing a Total Loss Left by Hurricane Ian

What’s up, public adjusters!

In this week’s YouTube video, we have an on-site claim study.

A major surge caused by hurricane Ian destroyed a few restaurants and some residential apartments on Sanibel island.

Our job is to help the policyholders settle for the policy limit.

Property owners will have to remove what is left and build from scratch!

So, it makes sense they will receive the policy limit, right? Right?!

At the moment of making the video, we still experienced issues with the insurance company;

? They paid the maximum amount for flood damage, but not a penny for wind damage yet.
? They are waiting on us for the estimate, and I don’t understand why.
? And they supposedly sent their engineer, but I haven’t seen a report yet.

We are also over the 90-day limit in Florida, so they should have already paid for wind damage.

And that is exactly where the problem lies.

Public adjusters, take note!

No one can argue this isn’t a total loss, but we still have to prove the damage not covered by the flood limit happened because of wind.

Flood damage has a much smaller limit. So it is the public adjuster’s responsibility to prove and argue for the property owner’s benefit.

Without the paid policy limit, these people will have a grueling time getting their restaurant business back on track!

Join me in this week’s lesson and experience what it means to be a public adjuster.

0:00 Introduction
2:51 Inspection of the hurricane-damaged property
4:01 Analyzing wind damage and wind insurance coverage
7:32 What are the benefits of using COMPANY CAM


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