When Action Comics Poked Fun at Spider-Man’s New Black Costume

Today, we take a look at when Ambush Bug made pleasurable of Spider-Man’s then-new black outfit within the pages of Action Comics

In Meta-Messages, I find the context behind (making use of reader danjack’s period) “meta-messages.” A meta-message is the location a comics e-book developer feedback on/references the work of another comic e-book/comedian e-book developer (or normally even themselves) in their comic. Each time round, I’ll supply the context behind one such “meta-message.”

Keith Giffen’s character of Ambush Bug was utilized to make satisfying of the DC Universe a fair bit throughout the historic past of the character, nevertheless for one remarkable 1984 story, Giffen took objective on the Marvel Universe, as a replacement, and especially the intro of Spider-Man’s black outfit!


Very early on in 1984 (the supreme week of January), Spider-Man debuted a brand name brand-new outfit in Amazing Spider-Man #252 …

This belonged of a companywide event described as Secret Wars(which was a toy line that Marvel finished with Mattel and this was the tie-in to that toy company), the location the majority of Marvel’s primary superheroes would go doing not have on the surface of 1 issue after which return within the following issue (most characters returned instantly within the subsequent issue, nevertheless some titles dragged the return till the suggestion of the issue), exclusively generally with a substantial modification, like, as an example, the Fantastic Four leaving on the surface of 1 issue and returning the subsequent issue with the important things doing not have and his put on the labor force taken by She-Hulk!

The idea is that you would require to discover the miniseries, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, to look for out what struck the characters. Naturally, the exposes did not happen till later on within the collection (do not want to hand out the cool things too rapidly), therefore we did not see the brand name brand-new outfit launching till Secret Wars # 8 …

This, in reality, is a type of unusual examples the location the main appearance of the outfit wasn’t virtually as collectible due to the fact that the ORIGIN of the outfit, which is extremely unusual on this world of antiques, nevertheless rattling, Mike Zeck’s cowl for Secret Wars # 8 is just THAT renowned.

In any event, Spider-Man’s brand-new outfit was a feeling, with the initial appearance promoting out and leading to Marvel taking what was indicated to be a brief lived story believed to end up being a full-time outfit modification, with Spider-Man staying in his black outfit (simply a product design of the alien outfit Spider-Man obtained in Secret Wars) for the subsequent couple of years (though he would often place on the special outfit, as effectively). It was such a massive offer that the details of the outfit even obviously taken a trip to the DC Universe, in 1984’s Action Comics #563!


As I popular simply recently, Ambush Bug was at first produced by Keith Giffen for a DC Comics Presents story that he was drawing that Paul Kupperberg was composing. They had actually watched for an unique bad guy, so Giffen got here up with Ambush Bug, who was primarily like what if Bugs Bunny was a supervillain. The editor of DC Comics Presents, Julius Schwartz, preferred the character and asked for Giffen to do a brand name brand-new story with the bad guy, this time composed and drawn by Giffen (with Paul Levitz, Giffen’s Legion of Super-Heroes partner, doing the script, as the issue saw Superman labor force up with the Legion of Substitute Super-Heroes to stop the Bug). The character was now typical enough that Giffen identified to make him a superhero, and after many visitor looks in Superman’s titles, Ambush Bug obtained his individual miniseries.

Before he obtained his individual collection, although, Ambush Bug initially poked satisfying at Spider-Man’s brand-new outfit in Action Comics #563(Robert Loren Fleming scripted the story, and the good veteran comic e-book artist, Bob Oksner, tattooed it), in a story that has some jokes which have actually aged badly, nevertheless the concept is adorable adequate.

Ambush Bug can teleport by methods of these small “bugs” that might fly round, and he may teleport to their place. He is engaged on them when the bug fast circuits, electrifying Ambush Bug’s outfit (and similarly kind of getting in touch with the television broadcast indication, these are referrals to adverts for Burger King and the Super Duper supermarket chain) …


With his outfit now black, Ambush Bug statistics talking in AAVE, which is the half that has actually aged relatively improperly.

However, Ambush Bug then makes a smart joke about how he does not comprehend how he obtained a black outfit when he wasn’t even worried in Secret Wars


He has actually now gotten the versatility to teleport with out the use of his bugs, which stayed the normal for Ambush Bug, powers-wise, for the rest of the character’s historic past.

Amusingly, Ambush Bug then chooses that the very best method to go is to embellish up as a horse, so that people aren’t put out by his brand-new outfit …


Ambush Bug, now impersonated a horse, attempts to stop a criminal, who then go nuts, drawing Superman’s factor to consider, and the Man of Steel is as quickly as again pressured to end up being associated with thought about among Ambush Bug’s bothersome plans (however, now, Ambush Bug is asking himself Black Beetle) …


He then informs Superman a story that’s so funny that I’m just going to highlight it in a whole various variation of Meta-Messages.

Superman then leaves, and the authorities fireplace, feeling that the “horse” needs to be put down …


Luckily, Ambush Bug leaves, and by the point he subsequent shows up, he’s once again to having an unskilled outfit (which is vital, as his miniseries debuted rapidly after this). I normally see the “Black Beetle” turn up in wikis as an accurate alternate recognize for Ambush Bug, nevertheless I’m relatively specific it was all the time merely implied as a joke, especially given that Ambush Bug goes once again to routine after this issue (his subsequent appearance, his last earlier than his miniseries, is a satisfying one in and of itself that I would highlight eventually).

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