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West Texas Jail Warden, Brother Arrested On Charges Of Shooting 2 Migrants, Killing 1

The warden of a federal jail in West Texas and his sibling were detained Tuesday in connection with the shooting of 2 migrants, among whom passed away, according to several reports.

Texas Rangers jailed Mike Thomas Sheppard, the warden of the personal West Texas Detention Center in Sierra Blanca, and Mark Sheppard on Thursday. The set, both 60, are implicated of shooting at a group of 4 migrants from a truck on Tuesday night.

The group was strolling along a street south of Sierra Blanca prior to stopping at a water tank. A pickup approached the group, 2 males emerged and after that opened fire as the migrants attempted to conceal behind the tank, according to court files acquired by The New York Times.

One male was shot in the head and eliminated. A lady was shot in the stomach and required to a medical facility, where she is recuperating.

The truck was signed up to the personal business that runs the West Texas detention center and was apparently appointed to Mike Sheppard at the time, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Both guys were charged with murder, according to the court filings. The FBI, U.S. Border Patrol and Homeland Security Investigations are helping the Texas Department of Public Safety in the examination, the Times included.

Mike Sheppard was fired quickly after his arrest.

“The warden at West Texas Detention Center, Sierra Blanca, TX, has actually been ended due to an off-duty occurrence unassociated to his work,” a representative for the prison business informed the San Antonio Express-News.

The center homes migrants in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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