Want to Know What Hurricane Ian & Nicole Did to Foundations? Ep. 03 of ‘On Solid Ground’

Want to Know What Hurricane Ian & Nicole Did to Foundations? Ep. 03 of ‘On Solid Ground’

In this episode of the On Solid Ground Podcast, we discuss foundation issues caused by Hurricane Ian and Nicole. Topics covered include destructive winds, flooding, and erosion.

If you live in a area affected by Hurricane Ian or Nicole, be sure to listen to this episode to learn about the foundation issues you may be facing. This information will help you get your home back in shape as quickly as possible.

On Episode 3 of ‘On Solid Ground,’ we welcomed David Grindley from Grindley Engineering onto our podcast. The main focus of this episode was about foundation issues that arose from the impact of Hurricane Ian and Nicole. This included discussions about what type of foundation issues David’s team were seeing, what someone should do when they notice their foundation is damaged, how long it takes to repair a home’s foundation, what people can do to protect their foundation during bad weather, along with much more. Our goal was to inform the consumer about the importance of a home’s foundation and what they can do to protect it, especially during storms of this magnitude.

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00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Types of Foundation Problems After Hurricane Ian and Nicole
02:08 – How Bad the Damage Was on a Scale from 1 to 10
02:44 – What Helicon Was Seeing After the Storms
04:11 – Differences Between the East Coast and West Coast Damage
07:01 – The First Thing Someone Should Do When They Notice Their Foundation Is Damaged
10:32 – The Most Common Repair Done Aside From Catastrophic Repair From the Storms
11:13 – Other Foundation Problems Found With People’s Homes
13:36 – What People Can Do to Protect Their Foundation During Bad Weather
15:06 – Where People’s Foundations Can Be Weaker or Stronger in Florida
17:39 – Different Foundation Problems That Clay Soils Vs. Sandy Soils Cause
19:24 – The Common Repair for Customers in Clay Soils vs. Sandy Soils
21:21 – How Long It Takes to Repair a Home’s Foundation
22:26 – Future Building Materials and Construction Methods After the Storms
23:27 – How a Failing Seawall Could Cause a Problem on a Pool Patio or Deck
24:12 – The Team’s Most Memorable Experience After These Storm Related Events
27:27 – Outro

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