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Video: How are employers able to track employee productivity when working from home?

The New York Times’ Jodi Kantor informs “Nightcap’s” Jon Sarlin increasingly more companies are tracking employees with tools like keystroke tracking and mouse activity. For more, enjoy the complete Nightcap episode here.

02: 22 – Source: CNN


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02: 22

Your company may be tracking you. Here’s how

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01: 59

Hilton comes for Airbnb in brand-new advertisement

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01: 38

Hotel launches advertisement trolling Airbnb

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02: 13

Travelers countered at Airbnb over task lists

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02: 21

Sick of long task lists and high cleansing costs at your Airbnb? Sign up with the club.

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02: 29

Emotional statement in most current Alex Jones trial: ‘I’m not a phony.’ Will Alex Jones safeguard himself in court?

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01: 12

Here’s why Facebook is dealing with an existential minute. Tip: your mother is most likely on everything the time

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02: 58

Why Elizabeth Holmes is requesting a brand-new trial

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03: 05

Newly-revealed text from Musk to his lender might assist Twitter’s case versus him


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01: 28

Newly exposed text from Musk to his lender might Twitter’s case versus him


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01: 53

The marketing power of Serena Williams, discussed


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01: 57

No one appears to desire NFTs any longer. Here’s why


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02: 48

What the Twitter whistleblower implies for Musk


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03: 38

‘Quiet stopping’ isn’t in fact about stopping

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02: 10

Quiet stopping isn’t in fact about stopping

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