Ontario man faces pre-retirement cash crunch while paying daughter’s $72K grad-school tuition

But a federal government pension will guarantee a protected, flourishing retirement Ken’s issue is that he will lack money in retirement. Image by Gigi Suhanic/National Post picture illustration In Ontario, a male we’ll call Ken, 64, is a civil servant. His 22- year-old child, Rachel, copes with him while studying at grad school. Separated recently, Read More…


This Ontario couple wants to quit the rat race and transition into retirement by working for themselves

Expert states it’s practical if they grow cost savings and cut expenses Couple feel they have actually been on the treadmill of their professions too long. Image by Getty Images In Ontario, far from the canyons of Bay Street, a couple we’ll call Peter and Lucy, both 55, live a comfy life in a $1.1-million Read More…