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Snoop Dogg Once Sold $10,000 Blunt To Raise Money For Charity, Seth Rogen Reveals

Snoop Dogg as soon as utilized his renowned love for blunts for a great cause.

The hip-hop hit-maker, a recognized supporter for weed, is stated to have actually auctioned off a marijuana-filled cigarette for $10,000 to raise cash for Hilarity for Charity– a not-for-profit established by stars Seth and Lauren Miller Rogen.

In an interview with Variety ahead of the effort’s 10th anniversary, the couple exposed how the 50-year-old acquired a five-figure contribution for Alzheimer’s awareness in the most West Coast method.

“Snoop Dogg as soon as auctioned off a blunt on phase for Alzheimer’s,” Seth Rogen stated. His better half, on the other hand, kept in mind the high rate for the sought after product: “I believe it opted for $10,000.”

The “This Is The End” star included: “I believe that encapsulates how we are approaching the area in a different way. If you’re fortunate sufficient to be able to get Snoop Dogg to come carry out at your program and auction off a blunt for Alzheimer’s care and research study, then I believe that speaks extremely well to an unanticipated however reliable type of melding of matters and perceptiveness.”

The set developed Hilarity for Charity in 2012 in honor of Miller Rogen’s late mom, Adele, who fought Alzheimer’s in her last days.

Two years earlier, Rogen informed People how impacted he was by his partner’s capability to manage her moms and dad’s medical diagnosis.

“Seeing Lauren discuss it is really excellent to me,” he stated at the time.

“How much she discusses it, and how prepared she is to discuss it. How open she has to do with speaking about it and seeing how that has actually offered her a great deal of control over her circumstance– that’s been excellent, since it wasn’t like that initially.”

Hilarity for Charity’s “10th birthday extravaganza” starts Saturday at Rolling Greens on Mateo Street in Los Angeles.

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