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Records Contradict Majewski’s Account Of Military Punishment

WASHINGTON (AP)– Republican J.R. Majewski has actually focused his project for a competitive Ohio congressional seat around his bio as an Air Force veteran. One of the huge concerns that has actually appeared is why Majewski was informed he might not reenlist in the Air Force after his preliminary 4 years were up.

Majewski’s project stated recently that he was penalized and benched after getting in a “brawl” in an Air Force dorm in2001 Military records gotten ever since by The Associated Press, nevertheless, use a various account of the scenarios, which military legal specialists state would have played a considerable function in the choice to disallow him from reenlisting. They suggest Majewski’s penalty and demotion were the outcome of him being picked up driving intoxicated on a U.S. air base in Japan in September 2001.

The files, which were supplied to the AP and separately validated, present yet another circumstances where the taped history of Majewski’s service diverges from what he has actually informed citizens as he projects while utilizing his veteran status as a leading credential.

In a declaration, Majewski acknowledged that he was penalized for intoxicated driving, though he didn’t resolve why his project formerly stated his demotion was the outcome of a battle.

“This error is now more than 20 years of ages. I’m sure we’ve all done something as young people that we reflect on and question ‘what was I believing?’ and I’m sure our moms and dads and grandparents share these beliefs,” Majewski stated.

Since beginning his project to unseat long time Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Majewski has actually consistently stated he was a battle veteran who served a trip of responsibility under “difficult” situations in Afghanistan. By his own account, he when went more than 40 days in the nation without a shower due to an absence of running water.

His story came under extreme analysis recently when the AP, pointing out military files gotten through public records demands, reported that he did not release to Afghanistan as he declared, however rather invested 6 months based in Qatar, a long time U.S. ally, where he assisted load and dump airplane.

The most current discovery that Majewski was benched for intoxicated driving includes another wrinkle. Recently, the AP asked Majewski’s project why his military service records revealed that he was not enabled to reenlist in the Air Force and left the service after 4 years at a rank that was one notch above where he began.

At the time, his project stated in an e-mail that Majewski was “in a battle in the dorm with another servicemember” which “knocked his rank down.” His project included that he later on acquired a few of that rank back.

The workers records gotten by the AP make no reference of a battle. Rather, they mention that Majewski was benched for inebriated driving at Kadena Air Base in Japan on Sept. 8,2001 And instead of get his rank back– as Majewski’s project stated– the records suggested he continued to hold the rank of E-2, one notch above entry level, that he was benched to for the rest of his active service.

“When you chose to support the wheel of a lorry after enjoying envigorating alcohol you brought challenge upon yourself, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron, and the Air Force,” the disciplinary records state, describing the system Majewski was appointed to at the time. “Further misbehavior by you of any type will not be endured.”

Ohio Republican congressional candidate J.R. Majewski defends his military record during a news conference Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, at the Lucas County Republican headquarters in Holland, Ohio. Majewski has campaigned by presenting himself as an Air Force combat veteran who deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Military documents obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request, indicate Majewski never deployed to Afghanistan but instead completed a six-month stint helping to load planes at an air base in Qatar, a longtime U.S. ally that is a safe distance from the fighting. (Phillip L. Kaplan/The Blade via AP)Ohio Republican congressional prospect J.R. Majewski protects his military record throughout a press conference Friday, Sept. 23, 2022, at the Lucas County Republican head office in Holland, Ohio. Majewski has actually campaigned by providing himself as an Air Force fight veteran who released to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Military files acquired by The Associated Press through a public records demand, suggest Majewski never ever released to Afghanistan however rather finished a six-month stint assisting to pack airplanes at an air base in Qatar, a long time U.S. ally that is a safe range from the combating. (Phillip L. Kaplan/The Blade by means of AP)

through Associated Press

The three-page file information Majewski’s penalty, that included a reprimand and 30 days of additional task in addition to the demotion. It bears Majewski’s signature and reveals he sought advice from an attorney and waived his right to a court-martial. He likewise waived his right to appeal the penalty and asked for that the file not end up being public, the records reveal.

The AP was unable to get a “written discussion” from Majewski, which was described in the disciplinary documents. The project did not react to a demand from the AP to supply the file.

Eric Mayer, a previous West Point graduate and Army infantry officer later on turned military legal representative, evaluated Majewski’s files at AP’s demand. He stated that “the total nature and quality of (Majewski’s) military service can be badly questioned merely by virtue of the truth that he went out as a E-2 after 4 years.”

“Basically, his commander informed him as long as he acts himself for the next 6 months, he will not bench him down all the method to airman fundamental,” Mayer stated, describing the entry-level rank Majewski might have held if he entered into more difficulty. Mayer likewise kept in mind that Majewski was provided extra tasks in his penalty that usually include “location beautification” and janitorial services.

In some cases, a DUI can be a career-ending infraction in the armed force. 3 days after Majewski was pulled over, the U.S. was unexpectedly at war following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Within months, Majewski was reassigned and released to Qatar, which acted as the staging ground for operations in Afghanistan, records reveal.

Military records reveal Majewski’s only implementation was to Qatar. Last Friday, throughout a bold press conference, he firmly insisted that he did certainly serve in Afghanistan, though he decreased to use specifics due to the fact that he stated the information were “categorized.”

But there is a distinction in between releasing to a nation and touching down there. Majewski formerly stated he was a “fight veteran” who released to Afghanistan, a term that communicates he got orders designating him to a particular base in the nation.

Majewski formerly stated he might not go over flights he states he required to Afghanistan since they were “categorized.”

In his declaration Wednesday, he stated he was aboard “outgoing transportation flights to forward bases and battle zone throughout the Middle East, consisting of Afghanistan” though he acknowledged that he was stationed in Qatar.

He likewise explained his experience signing up with the Air Force at the age 20 as satisfying, yet tough.

“Like any young serviceman far from household in a foreign land and with a project schedule in consistent movement, it included durations of problem and individual difficulties,” Majewski stated. “I lost my granny, who I liked really deeply, and it was difficult work. I take pride in my service and the experiences that made me who I am today, however I have actually never ever when declared to have actually gone through a ‘hard fight trip’ in Afghanistan or recommended that I was participated in active firefights.”

Majewski’s project has actually formerly promoted him as a “fight veteran.” Throughout an August 2021 interview on the One American Podcast, Majewski stated that he had a “bumpy ride in life” while serving a trip of task in Afghanistan. He echoed that claim in other interviews uncovered by the liberal group Media Matters.

Majewski’s claim that he could not discuss his ventures to Afghanistan due to the fact that the information were “categorized” was a warning to those who examine cases of “taken valor.”

“The No. 1 trope that comes out of individuals when they are either making a military record or, in this case, decorating a record is they fall back to, ‘It’s categorized,'” stated Ed Caffrey, a previous Air Force master sergeant who now examines “taken valor” cases and teaches journalism at Eastern New Mexico University. He included: “There’s no junior employed air transport expert who was doing something so secret that 20 years later on it still requires to be categorized.”

Majewksi’s project decreased a demand to put the AP in touch with those he served with who might vouch that he went to Afghanistan. He has actually published a number of pages of records to social media that he stated back up his claims. Military specialists sought advice from by the AP state the records show no such thing.

“The AP specified that I had actually just been released to Qatar. My records reveal my release area as categorized. In addition, they forgot my implementation to Camp Hialeah in Korea (which is now closed),” Majewski stated in one tweet, which consisted of 2 different files.

One of the files consisted of in the tweet was a “short-lived task project” in early 2001 to South Korea, which are not orders to release as Majewski declared. Secret information consisting of the function of the journey and its period were likewise blurred out in the image Majewski published. In addition, the file’s addition of the expressions “supersecret” and “secret” were referrals to the security clearances held by Majewski and the noncommissioned officer he took a trip with, Air Force specialists state. That officer, whose name is redacted, had a “supersecret” clearance; Majewski had a “secret” clearance. Members of the military normally require security clearances to do their tasks.

The other file consisted of in the tweet, which does disappoint a date, suggested Majewski had actually been clinically cleared to go on a various short-term project to a “categorized” place.

Experts state such kinds frequently note a service member’s location as categorized as a matter of regular.

“The factor that it states ‘categorized’ is not since he’s going to some supersecret black ops place,” Caffrey stated. “It states categorized since that’s a non-secured type. He’s taking that type around with him to various put on base where individuals who put eyes on it might not have security clearances to see what he’s doing.”

“It’s (operations security). They do not desire everybody and their sibling to understand where he’s going. That’s not something you desire out in the public,” Caffrey included.

Even as analysis of Majewski magnifies, he has actually provided no indicator that he means to leave of the race and has actually continued to project.

“I have absolutely nothing to conceal,” Majewski stated at the end of a short press conference Friday.


LaPorta reported from Wilmington, North Carolina.

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