Pawley’s Island Update after Hurricane Ian

Pawley’s Island Update after Hurricane Ian

In this video Pawley’s Island opened to the public after Hurricane Ian.

Hello, we are Carmen and Al and we are travelers and we want to share our experience of different culture, food, and enjoy the scenery and the beauty of nature. We love to travel to Europe and throughout the United States. In our videos you will find our trips to Portugal, Spain, Italy and different camps sites in the United States. In 2023 we are planing a return to Europe and visit England, France, Spain, and back to Italy as well as go camping in the United States. One of our things is to visit are churches and historical sites. We also enjoy eating local foods, beer, and going to local markets. When we are back in the US we go camping we use our small Nucamp TAB320 that we use to visit and review National Park, State Parks, and COE sites. We are also Carnival cruisers and enjoy going to the western and eastern Caribbean. Our trips are done inexpensively by finding discounts, bargains, and traveling out of season. We want our viewer to enjoy the beauty of what we see and do. We also invite you to share your experience by recommending places we should go and film.

One of the places we visit the most is the beach, were we collect shells and shark teeth. We also share our experience with our trips to the New England area mainly Maine, where we eat a lot of difference sea food from the area.

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