Hurricane Ian Update – Sept 30 1:15 PM

Hurricane Ian Update – Sept 30 1:15 PM

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, here are schedule updates for Friday, Sept. 30 through Saturday, Oct. 8:

MBC Campus: The campus is closed for all gatherings and activites, including Sunday Oct. 2 services. Do not enter the campus as we continue to coordinate clean up efforts. Look for next major schedule update by Oct 8.

SFCA, MELA, Learning Cove: Schools are closed through Friday, Oct 7. We will continue monitor recovery including power and water restoration. School Staff: Look for updates from your supervisor on when to return to campus to help with recovery efforts.

Volunteers: Please wait until we can share more information on potential volunteer efforts through MBC. We hope to update sometime soon. In the meantime, look for opportunities in your community to “be the light” in Jesus name.

MBC Staff: Unless told by your supervisor, do not return to campus until further notice. We will continue to communicate with our church staff on when to return to campus.

Continue to watch our website, social channels, and emails for further updates.

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