Floods have Started! Over 12″ of water! Hurricane Ian Live ish Update Pt5

Floods have Started! Over 12″ of water! Hurricane Ian Live ish Update Pt5

PART 1! Monday. Day 1 Prepping! Hurricane IAN: Live ish update from Gulf Coast Florida https://youtu.be/tfuPjxcl6ks
Part 2! Initiate Fortress Mode! Hurricane IAN | Live Update ish
Part 3! It’s Not Flooded Yet! Hurricane IAN Update. Live ish https://youtu.be/h5lPL_aNEOw
Part 4! Hurricane Ian Live ish Update! Cat 5 upgrade! It’s getting Real Now! https://youtu.be/lc5ejt_AXGI
Part 5! Update I’m getting WRECKED Right NOW! Hurricane Ian Live ish https://youtu.be/8UE_sgbRDdU
Part 6! Flash Flood Warning NOW! 108mph Winds! Gusts are taking down trees! Moving truck to high ground!
Part 7! The day after hurricane Ian ? https://youtu.be/hApLrz91svQ
Part 8! Damage assessment & Getting back to normal. Sort of… https://youtu.be/1OQND_ATpOg
Hurricane Footage 2022

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