Fans adore the unique hairstyles of NCT Jaehyun to Taeil

Check out NCT Jaehyun to Taeil’s unique hairdos listed below

Fans adore the unique hairstyles of NCT Jaehyun to Taeil

NCT, specifically NCT 127, is renowned for try out a range of musical and style patterns. Their hairstyles, in specific, show how bold they can be. Here are 11 of their most unusual hairstyles that still leave NCTzens scratching their heads regarding what the stylists were believing. The NCT kid band has a few of the strangest hairdos. See them here.

Gelled Strips

Not just is this hairstyle among NCT’s craziest, however it’s likewise among their funniest. Among the strangest choices ever made was to gel together hair pieces from Jaehyun’s light blonde hair into strips.

Cotton Candy

There was absolutely nothing distinct about the method Winwin’s hair was groomed. The vibrant pink and yellow colors carefully look like those of fairy floss. It’s a lot more weird due to the fact that of their strange plan of them together.


Mark is competent at a range of appearances. This one would not work for anybody. The amount of volume and frizz made the numerous tones of hair color and the unknown texture appear weirder. It was simply made more noticeable by the bandanna.

Curls On Top Of Curls

Jisung’s severe curly hair for “Chewing Gum” captured individuals’s attention.

Max Volume

Think once again if you presumed Taeil was moving when this photo was shot. For “Fire Truck,” if his brilliant blonde hair wasn’t currently unique enough, a tonne of volume was included, providing it one of their strangest appearances.

Voluminous Waves

For Yuta, having wavy hair would have been far too simple. The more additional volume, the much better, to match NCT’s strong visual.

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