Counselor Chollet’s Travel to the United Kingdom, Finland, and Iceland – United States Department of State

Counselor of the Department Derek Chollet will take a trip to London and Belfast, United Kingdom, from October 5-11. In London, he will meet United Kingdom federal government authorities to go over ongoing cooperation on a series of security and defense concerns, consisting of Russia’s war on Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific. In Belfast, he will meet politicians, Northern Ireland Office authorities, and business neighborhood to talk about the application of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the significance of bring back the devolved federal government.

Counselor Chollet will take a trip to Helsinki, Finland, from October 11 to 12 for assessments with our Finnish partners about their pending subscription in NATO, the Arctic, and other local concerns, and assistance for Ukraine.

Counselor Chollet will then take a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 13-14 to take part in the Arctic Circle Assembly, and will likewise consult with Icelandic partners to go over Arctic cooperation, continued assistance for Ukraine, and bilateral concerns.

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