Cardi B’s Unique Hairstyles For Her Music Video “Up”

Check out Cardi B’s Unique Hairstyles For Her Music Video “Up”

Cardi B’s Unique Hairstyles For Her Music Video “Up”

Once once again, Cardi B and her makeup team have actually prospered. The vocalist released a video for her single “Up” on Friday, February 5, and in traditional Cardi style, she exceeded and beyond with her charm video game, putting on an overall of 7 unique appearances throughout the tune. Naturally, she looks excellent in the video, however everybody is discussing her hair instead of her cosmetics or nails. And she owes everything to Tokyo Stylez, her go-to wig designer.

Let’s now go through each look. Among Cardi B’s many popular appearances might be seen in the opening scene: a knee-length fishtail braid embellished with black flowers and crosses. On Instagram, Stylez described it as the “black increased tail braid” and explained her motivation for the design.

Her tamest look of them all should be a bombshell blowout with big waves. We have actually typically seen her wear this ageless appearance throughout the years. She amps things up in the next scene with an auburn wig that is covered in genuine Barbie doll heads. That’s right, Stylez even offered a behind-the-scenes peek at how she made the well-known wig on her TikTok, and according to what we might collect, it was a prolonged procedure.

A platinum-blonde wig and lime-green eye shadow provide Cardi delicately relaxing in a clamshell posture– a clamshell– an extremely mermaid-like look. She then goes back to having long, smooth black hair with a trendy bouffant in the front for drama. Stylez used the rap artist a sculptural hairstyle with a headpiece by artist Lory Sun for her last look. The hair stylist declares Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, among her preferred female rap artists, worked as motivation. Stylez explains the look in her post, stating, “She was so ahead of her time with style and hair.”

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