Captiva Osprey PTZ Cam – Nature Cam

Captiva Osprey PTZ Cam – Nature Cam

Captiva Osprey Cam was destroyed by Hurricane Ian and has since been rebuilt. Through this live wildlife cam, we can see nature rebound after such destruction. This PTZ cam is able to track where the osprey flies to and allow us to see all the local wildlife. Details of the destruction here:

This PTZ Camera is attached about 5 feet below the osprey platform on the same pole.

Last year’s pair, Andy & Lena have not been seen in a little bit. Lena was seen hanging out a few weeks after Hurricane Ian but has not been seen since. A new pair has taken over the nest in the absence of Andy & Lena. The new osprey pair is named Mable and Angus in honor of Lori’s (the landowner) maternal grandparents.

Osprey Cam:

Eagle Cam:
Side Cam- <a href="<br />Long Range Cam-

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