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California Police Seeking Possible Serial Killer After 5 Murders

Five current murders in Stockton, California, over the last 3 months are thought to be linked, authorities stated Friday while revealing an $85,000 benefit for info that results in an arrest.

All 5 male victims, in between the ages of 21 and 54, were fatally shot while strolling alone at night or morning hours. 4 of the 5 victims were Hispanic, though Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden stated there’s no indicator that it’s a hate criminal offense.

The shootings, which McFadden stated appear to include an “aspect of surprise,” began on July 8 with the death of a 35-year-old male. The most current killing was Tuesday and took the life of the earliest victim, 54.

All five men were fatally shot while walking alone in the evening or early morning hours, police said.All 5 males were fatally shot while strolling alone at night or morning hours, cops stated.

Stockton Police Department

“We have a series of murders that our company believe are adjoined,” McFadden stated at an interview. “By meaning, you might most likely effectively call this serial killings.”

Police have actually launched an image revealing what they stated is a “individual of interest” in the killings, though authorities stated it stays uncertain how this individual might be included, if at all. It’s likewise uncertain whether there might be more than a single person included.

“At this time we do not understand if it’s an individual, 2 or 3. We simply do not understand,” McFadden stated.

He prompted homeowners to remain alert and knowledgeable about their environments, specifically if alone and it’s after dark.

Information about the killings can be sent to 209-937-8167 or emailed to or shared anonymously at

The city of Stockton is using a $75,000 benefit for info that causes an arrest, and Stockton Crime Stoppers is using $10,000, amounting to $85,000 in benefit cash.

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